Sola Power SriLanka 

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705/32, Primecity, Koratota, Kaduwela.

About Us

Our organization is dedicated to fueling the rapid deployment of renewable energy such as solar power Hydro power and Wind power across Srilanka with efficient Green technology.

The Sun is 150 million kilometers away, and amazingly powerful. Just the tiny fraction of the Sun's energy that hits the Earth (around a hundredth of a millionth of one percent) is enough to meet all the earth’s power needs many times over. In fact, every minute, enough energy arrives at the Earth to meet our demands for a whole year, if only we could harness it properly. Electrical energy from solar cells can be used directly in a home for lights and appliances, or in general for use in a business. Solar energy can be stored in batteries to light street lights or roadside billboards at night. 

It can be stored in batteries for use by emergency roadside cellular telephones. Just consider the following advantages of this form of energy:

    • Ø   Solar energy is free - it needs no fuel and produces no     waste or pollution.
    • Ø  Solar energy can be used where there is no easy way to get electricity to a remote place. 
    • Ø  Solar energy could be used as a standby power supply during power cuts.
    • Ø  Solar energy could be used to reduce monthly electricity bills.
    • Ø  Solar electric or photo-voltaic (PV) technology converts sun light directly into electricity.
    • Ø  This generated electricity can power some or all of the needs of your business, home, or farm.
  • Services
    • Different solar power systems have been developed to fulfill the needs of the society at large, thus meeting some of the growth in energy requirements and easing the pain of increasing Electricity bills.  

    • Hybrid solar power distribution systems constitute one of our innovations to provide services especially to the people who live in remote areas and who do not have access to the CEB Electricity grid. 

    • The system includes a solar panel to charge the battery during the day and provide energy to efficient LED lamps during the night. Powering street lighting systems are another innovation.  By looking at the comparison chart, it is very clear that the amount of money you can save on electricity bills is very significant if you use solar power combined with energy efficient LED Bulbs. It could be used by others even by those who have access to the CEB grid, to supplement their source of CEB power and reduce their bills and to provide  power during CEB interruptions.

Solar Power SriLanka 

705/32, Prime City Koratota,Kaduwela, Srilanka, 

Post Code 10640, 

TP +94 0112798433, Mob- +94 0718675424

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